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Viva Fest 2022 – Meet The Winners

Every year, VIVA Fest spotlights some of the rising stars of circus: diverse, inspired talents with unique visions to share. Gathering in Las Vegas, emerging artists and students alike take their acts to the festival’s stage, competing to distinguish themselves in their respective disciplines. That stage gives them all a platform on which to shine— a place to showcase their skills, to tell their stories to an audience.

Those of us who couldn’t make it to the festival itself can still get to know some of this year’s brightest talents. In this new video, some of VIVA’s biggest prizewinners introduce themselves and let us all in on the magic behind their acts.

Altogether, these four artists exemplify the passion, thoughtfulness, and creative drive that emerging circus artists have to offer. But let’s not forget all the many stars who shone at this year’s festival. It was a tough race to the top all-around. No matter their level, discipline, or age group, this year’s contenders made the competition fierce!

Alongside these honorees, we’d like to call attention to all of the first-place prizewinners at VIVA 2022. These acts and artists earned top scores in their respective categories.

First, the emerging artists…

  • Aerial duo, all ages: Matthew Casey and Sarah Sporich
  • Aerial hoop
  • Aerial loop/hammock, all ages: Kyndall Walton
  • Aerial, other, all ages: Storm
  • Aerial rope, all ages: Storm
  • Aerial straps, all ages: Brooke Lyons
  • Contortion, all ages: Eva Lou Rhinelander
  • Dance trapeze, all ages: Ava Kapelczak
  • Ground group, all ages: Kaho Hakka, Tara Canales, Kosa Yatagawa, Sachika Imoto
  • Ground solo, all ages: Jocelyn Hunt
  • Manipulation, all ages: Cody Carter
  • Silks


  • Aerial hoop
    • 9 and under: Enja Cuevas
    • 10-12: Adrienna Joy
    • 13-17: Kayleigh Kazmierczak
    • 18+: Katherine Jordan
  • Aerial silks
    • 9: Harper Stein
    • 10: Eva Klimchuk
    • 11: Charlotte Strange
    • 12-13: Jaidyn Deleon
    • 14-16: Mia Matteo
    • 17+: Zoe Fullerton
  • Contortion
    • 10 and under: Maia Smyl
    • 11+: Kayleigh Kazmierczak

And students…

  • Aerial duo, all ages: Fabiana Sabatanni, Fabiana Ospina
  • Aerial group, all ages: Bianca Potvin, Emy Guyard, Jocelyn Hunt
  • Aerial hoop
    • 10 and under: Aiyana White
    • 11-12: Ariana Jaramillo
    • 13: Aubrey Lopez
    • 14-15: Lana Kapelczak
    • 16-18: Navaeh Bethoney
    • 19+: Sara Cobble, Bean Heidrun
  • Aerial loop and hammock
    • 11-12: Madison Wildermuth
    • 13+: Olivia Wolff
  • Aerial, other
    • 13 and under: Addie Gross
    • 14-19: Gaby Castro
    • 20+: Freya Li
  • Aerial straps
  • Contortion, all ages: Aleena Serdyukova
  • Dance trapeze
  • Ground group acts:Marco Viramontes, Sara Cobble, Alexandra Pacheco, Teagan Gittens, Lexi Eakin, Tally Wallington, Kenzie Gittens, Brennan Hogue, Addie Gross, and Meaghan Dreibelbis
  • Ground solo acts
  • Manipulation, all ages: Tallis Wallington
  • Silks
    • 10 and under: Charlie Ellison
    • 11: Maeghan Dreibelbis
    • 12: Ariana Maramillo
    • 13: Cinthia Gallo Llorente
    • 14: Damiana Egas
    • 15: Catalina Cornell
    • 16-19: Joel Castro
    • 20-29: Tiana Hernandez
    • 30+: Peteria Chan

All these artists— and more!— gave it their all at VIVA Fest 2022. No doubt you’ll be seeing their names pop up again as up-and-coming artists enter our orbits in the circus world. Congratulations again to all of this year’s participants. And for the rest of us, let’s get ready to watch these new stars reach the sky…

Photo and video footages are courtesy of the artists.
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