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Walking a Tightrope: Circuses Warn They will Go Bust ‘Within Two Weeks’

The government is facing urgent calls to save Britain’s 250-year-old circus tradition with companies warning that they will go bust within just two weeks without help.

The Association of Circus Proprietors has said that performers have been reduced to using food banks to survive since circuses were shut down temporarily by Covid-19.

On Tuesday, there were clowns in Downing Street, but this time they were professional ones, joined by acrobats, jugglers, fire-eaters and stilt-walkers to deliver a plea for assistance to Boris Johnson.

In a letter to the prime minister, the association said circuses must be allowed to open this month to have any chance of staying alive. They wrote that, without swift action, “a great British institution will be lost for ever”. “Please save the circus … We have two weeks before the end of the road,” they said…

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