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Warehouse Circus’ Canberra Circus Festival to Feature Workshops, Shows and More

The last couple of pandemic-ridden years haven’t been easy for Warehouse Circus.

“We came close to the wire,” artistic director Tom Davis says.

But it’s coming back in a big way with the Canberra Circus Festival, a multiday event bringing together young circus artists from around Australia, Warehouse Circus members and professionals for masterclasses and circus, clown and magic performances.

There will also be a market day with free roving performances, ticketed circus shows and workshops and circus items such as juggling equipment for sale.

“The festival’s a really exciting thing,” Davis, who’s also the festival director, says.

After a performance at the Enlighten Festival, it will mark the circus’s public re-emergence in 2022.

The circus survived the pandemic through a combination of ACT government support, Jobkeeper and an $80,000 donation from a supporter who wished to remain anonymous, Davis says.

The visiting experts – many of them Warehouse Circus alumni with international as well as national careers – will teach and upskill the students, as well as perform public shows. … Link to the full length article at the Canberra Times

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