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‘We are not an afterthought’: Diverse Performers Showcase Different Abilities in Calgary Circus Show

A self-described disability theatre company is about to premiere a circus production highlighting various members of the deaf, blind and disabled community. Inside Out Theatre has collaborated with artists and choreographers to present, Oh Clare! Divergent Dances.

The production at Eau Claire Market is intended to celebrate differences, showcasing the gifts of people with different abilities.

Co-choreographer Erin Ball is a double amputee and is a pioneer in the development of adaptive circus arts. Ball wants the performers to feel welcome.

“When I started doing circus, I wasn’t an amputee. I had experience of being a circus artist as both non-disabled and disabled performer. I noticed there’s not a lot of representation, and there’s a gap between knowing how to offer and include people,” Ball said.

Most of her work is centered around accessibility for artists and audiences.

“It’s about exploring how bodies interpret movement and themes, as well as how they interact with aerial apparatuses and what does creating mean for your body,” Ball said. “Everybody has such vast and unique lived experiences — they are contributing on the project: everything shifts and people offer more and more of themselves.”

Ebony Gooden is a deaf artist and dancer. She said the show has the potential to reflect society.

“I am deaf but I felt at peace and I had a sense of belonging to this group. I wasn’t becoming a burden — I actually belong.”

“Everyone has potential at any time to become disabled. You could have an accident or as you age something could happen with your sight.  We have to be mindful to take care of the gifts we have and if we lose them we have to be ready to accommodate,” Gooden said.

Gooden said sign language will be embedded in the show…

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