What Does Contemporary Circus Look Like in Palestine?

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What Does Contemporary Circus Look Like in Palestine?

What is contemporary circus, and what does contemporary circus in Palestine actually look like? When did it start? What do Palestinian circus artists really want? These questions and many more have been under discussion for the past decade in Palestine. To answer them, we must first look back and go through circus’ evolution into the Palestinian circus of today.
Weidenbach, “Acrobatic Exercises and Game of Morra.” The Timeline of Circus According to A.H. Saxon (2019), in an earlier article about circus history: Acrobatics, balancing acts and juggling are probably as old as humankind itself,  with records of such acts being performed in Egypt as early as 2500 BCE. The Greeks practiced rope dancing; early African civilizations engaged in siricasi (a combination of folkloric dance and acrobatics), and the an...
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Noor Abo Alrob

Noor Abo Alrob is a circus director, artist and trainer. He joined the Palestinian circus school (PCS) in 2008, and since then he was involved in different projects related to contemporary circus, social circus, alternative education, arts management, and many others around the world. Currently he is the artistic department’s coordinator at the PCS. Noor has completed his BA in administrative and economic sciences, and his MA in Arts and culture management.