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When the Circus Went Quiet, Mike Finch Picked Up a Pen and Drew a Pub

“I live in a very, very small one-room studio apartment with my partner, Amy Cater, in Fitzroy,” says Mike Finch, former artistic director of Circus Oz and, before COVID-19, a freelance director. How diminutive are we talking?

“No bigger than a motel room. During lockdown, we have two options to get away from each other: the bathroom, or the balcony. The balcony has a glass sliding door … so it’s not even out of line of sight,” he chuckles, shrugging. They have a wooden basket on a rope for pulling up deliveries.

The amiable Finch is pleased to report he and his lady-friend have survived. “We’ve started Tin Can Connections with some amazing collaborators.” They make “fully interactive online Zoom shows: circus, music, slinky late-night cabaret…”

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