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Where Do Women Exist?

It is 12.38am in downtown Montreal in Andrew’s Bar and the bartender is dutifully stoned and charmingly ignoring the paying customers. It is the local for Concordia University campus, where I am staying whilst I attend a short summer seminar on research in the creative process for contemporary circus. I need a little bit of ‘Dutch courage’ to write an assessment, so as I turn to my friend–in-the-glass, Stella Artois to help stave off the spectre of academic writing, I decide to write this article for Carnival Cinema instead – not only to procrastinate but also to share in the experience of being in Montreal, one of the world’s great contemporary circus cities, during Montreal circus festival or Montreal Completement Cirque (MICC) in July 2018.

It seems that Montreal is lousy with Australians. At the MICC there are two Australian companies headlining works, Company 2 with ‘Scotch & Soda’ and Gravity and Other Myths with ‘Backbone’, Lachie and Jascha participating in a fascinating MICC panel discussion on the circus collective. There are a quite a few Fruit Fly graduates and Australian students studying at the Ecole National du Cirque (ENC) including Amy Patching and Sandy Tugwood who performed outstandingly in their solo and trio acts respectively in MICC group shows ‘Les Minutes’ and ‘Phenix’. I felt like a proud mum. And then there are at least four ex-pat Australian friends, who have been performing, working, training and living their international lives in or from Montreal within and without the Cirque du Soleil mothership…

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