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Where Gig Economy Workers and Freelancers can Look for Some Relief Today

In an economy stricken by a pandemic — with the demand for services across the board falling dramatically — some tens of millions of independently contracted workers may be out of work. Because gig economy and freelance workers, from rideshare drivers to self-employed artists, generally lack full-time employment benefits like healthcare and sick days, they are extremely vulnerable to both losing their income and, like many of us, actually contracting coronavirus. This ultimately hurts us all, as the people who sit with us in enclosed spaces, touch our food, and otherwise are up in our business(es) can’t get the care they need to keep us all healthy.

Thankfully, communities are coming together to make sure gig economy workers can find support during these vulnerable times. Here are a few concrete actions that gig workers can take to access funds and benefits to begin getting some help through this time of uncertainty…

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