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Who is Scarlett Business? All About the Contortionist/Drag Queen Whose Exhilarating Performance Left the AGT Judges Impressed

Scarlett Business, aka Kyle Cragle, is the latest performer to leave the judges heavily impressed on “America’s Got Talent.” The drag queen won hearts after delivering a breathtaking act of hand balancing and contortion.

Following the onstage introduction, Scarlett Business shared that he would be performing “hand balancing, contortion and a bit of drag.” The judges looked mesmerized right after the performer showcased some of his exhilarating moves…

Kyle Cragle, better known by his stage name “Scarlett Business,” is a contortionist and drag performer. Based in Houston, Texas, the 23-year-old is also known as the “jack of all trades.”

He graduated from the National Circus School in Montreal and has won hearts across the globe as an acrobatic performer. Kyle has been passionate about circus and performing arts since childhood and pursued a dream career in the industry.

Beginning his journey as a gymnast, Kyle decided to step into the world of drag three years ago, taking on the name Scarlett Business. He has worked with Cirque du Soleil, joining the company’s international “OVO” tour.

He is also the first acrobatic performer to work as a make-up artist for the acclaimed company. Scarlett Business has performed in 12 different countries and presented an act at the 2015 Pan American Games opening ceremony.

Last year, he was declared the runner-up of the “Tu Si Que Vales” talent competition in Italy.

Kyle Cragle has already wowed AGT judges through his incredible performance as Scarlett Business. However, the journey towards the stage comes with a lot of effort and hardships.

In pre-taped footage for America’s Got Talent, Kyle Cragle opened up about his profession and talked about his love for performing…

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