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Why a Longsight Circus School is Prescribing Juggling and Trapeze to Cope with Anxiety

The thought of balancing on a trapeze for the very first time might fill most of us with dread, but a new workshop is using those very skills to harness in a sense of wellbeing.

Situated in the middle of an industrial business centre, The Circus House in Longsight is opening its doors to 20 women who will undergo a 24-week Women’s Wellbeing Circus course.

I’ve worked with people who have felt really low and had really high anxiety levels.

“Getting them into circus and teaching the skills taught them that by overcoming such large obstacles, such as climbing the silks or learning to do a cartwheel, they proved they could do anything and it wasn’t as scary as they thought.”

In fact, studies have shown that circus skills can also help improve coordination, focus, patience, tolerance and provide a safe environment for risk taking…

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