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Why Circus Arts and Festivals are a Match Made in Heaven

From Perth and Sydney to Castlemaine, as Australia’s international arts festivals reveal their programs it’s become increasingly common to see contemporary circus works from Australia and overseas programmed alongside opera, dance and the best of local and international theatre. But what is driving the art form’s growing popularity – and has circus become de rigueur on the festival circuit?

 ‘I wouldn’t describe any art form as de rigueur but certainly we pay as much attention to the artists who work in contemporary circus as we do to artists who work in theatre, dance and music. It’s an art form that has wide audience appeal, and a vast number of very diverse practitioners and creative styles. I’d also note that it’s [popularity is] not only a unique feature of Australia’s international arts festivals but almost all significant international arts festivals, as a cursory glance through a range of recent programs will attest,’ said Rachel Healy, co-Artistic Director of Adelaide Festival.Her colleague and co-Artistic Director, Neil Armfield, said the popularity of the art form on the festival circuit was indicative of how vital circus has become, but also noted that we shouldn’t see this as an entirely new phenomenon…

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