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Why Do Circus Artists Make Music?

Lately, it seems like more and more circus artists are getting into making music. As a circus artist who makes music, maybe I’m more attuned to this phenomenon than most. I wanted to know more about the people in this category and how their music and circus work fits together. Circus, after all, is such an all-consuming lifestyle, with training, creating, performing, and touring; it always fascinates me to hear how an artist fits in another discipline alongside it. I spoke to several artists about their music practice, how it’s informed by their circus work, the ways in which the two forms interact, and how they see their futures in both fields. 
Quickly, a pattern emerged. Many of the artists I spoke to have graduated from circus school within the last few years and are enjoying stable employment. Within their circus disciplines, they’re no longer pursuing high-level technique at the same pace they once did, leaving a space available–a space to once again learn something new, from the beginning. Tony Pezzo is a juggler from Arnold, Missouri, currently performing with  Absinthe in Las Vegas. “I used to be super competitive with juggling,” he says. “I slowed down on that a little bit and focused more on performing juggling. That opened the door to try to get good at something else.” While he was living in Stockholm, where he went to ...
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Book Kennison

Book Kennison is a circus artist based in Chicago. His main discipline is juggling; his other pursuits include writing, music composition, and photography.