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Worldwide Platform for Circus Arts Research is Online–Get Hooked on CARP

There is now a tool for circus researchers. It’s a place for them to communicate, exchange research studies and resources and it’s called Circus Arts Research Platform (CARP). This free online resource is primarily for academic research and studies related to the circus arts. Published online, the platform stimulates and strengthens collaboration between scholars and professionals interested in circus arts studies across all academic disciplines. The Platform was launched on the 29th of August 2018, at the conference Circus and its others in Prague.
in Prague. Pieter Willems and Circuscentrum This new platform is important because it offers the academic community an international directory of researchers and an international, accessible bibliography of academic publications related to circus arts studies. It also gives information on current academic research in circus arts to a wider public. The platform collects and maps universities and research institutions with circus-related research programs or research chairs; ...
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