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Your Next Step is Entering the PRO Space–Free Trial in April

If you are looking for professional advice, industry conversations and circus connections–then join us at the PRO Space, a new way to engage with your circus community, curated by Circus Talk. This all-new resource and EVENTS page is available to PRO subscribers only and is tailored to the needs of circus professionals.

In January of 2021, we sent a survey to all levels of CircusTalk subscribers asking what type of coverage you’d like to see and now we have taken your feedback into consideration, adding new features to support circus professionals by fostering conversation, connection and development. In the PRO Space, we will offer practical tools and resources that are specific to your field in the industry.

Survey Results

We asked our users about the most useful tools that help their career advancement.

Out of the most needed tools CircusTalk already offers the first four; job listings, news, events and an industry and talent database.

CircusTalk.News has always brought you advice from the pros, but upon considering your requests from the survey asking for more networking and professional development tools, we decided to expand to offer PRO Space.

Defining the PRO Space

PRO Talks

PRO Space currently has two avenues of engagement, the first is PRO Talks– virtual, live events about relevant topics, led by industry influencers and experts. These events give you the opportunity to gain new insights, meet fellow professionals and keep your career connections strong with one-on-one connections, Q& A’s, interviews, skill shares, interactive workshops and more. PRO Talks are free for PRO members and available at the BASIC membership level for US$12/event.

Learn from the PROs!

The second way to engage with the circus community on PRO Space is with Learn from the PROs! This is where our network of circus innovators and mentors center their interviews, panels, and round table discussions on hot button issues and share their practical knowledge with their colleagues and you. We currently have five such series underway; Think Like and Acrobat hosted by Shenea Stiletto, The Three R’s with Matthew Jessner, 360 degrees:Circus Through a Holistic Lens with Stacy Clark, Circus Bodies by Madeline Hoak,  and one as yet untitled surprise series!

Stay up to date in the rapidly changing world of circus and the performing arts and enter the PRO Space with us. CircusTalk PRO has all you need to ignite your career: a space to learn, share knowledge, connect and extend your network.

For the month of April 2021, you can take advantage of our Free Trial PRO membership level and check the new PRO Space out for yourself.

Our first PRO Talk is scheduled to take place on April 24th. Sign up below!:

Saturday, April 24th
Circus Tech—Putting the Arts in S.T.E.A.M. (REGISTER)
Moderator: Nadine Johnson

What can you do to make your show stand out? Use the world of science and technology to augment the performance experience! Now that STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) has become STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and math), the time for exploring the possibilities between the arts and tech world has come. Moderator Nadine Johnson is a creative professional in the movement arts (yoga, circus) who works as a creative consultant and whose work emphasizes the use of color, sustainability, technology and future trends as well as consumer impact. She holds degrees in Design & Engineering. She will guide the discussion of the shift from STEM learning to STEAM and how the circus arts, thanks to its history, is poised to step into that space better than most other art forms.

Including a variety of guests from within the circus and sciences, the discussion will highlight shows, artists, and platforms that reflect the current state and future outlooks for the use of technology in circus through apparatus, experience, and management. Join in for this lively Q&A-style discussion with an opportunity to pose questions to the guests and/or to provide examples of your own circus tech innovations.

Space is limited to 20 attendees, please register ASAP to secure your space in the conversation.