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Zim Singer Resumes Shows in China

AFRO-FUSION musician Whitney “Brity” Matiyanga, who is part of the line-up of artistes performing at The Xiamen Ling Ling International Circus in China, said she has resumed her shows that were put on hold after the outbreak of the deadly COVID-19.

The tour had been put on hold to help curb the spread of the pandemic.

Matiyanga is among 15 other international outfits on tour in China. The 26-year-old drummer, singer, actress and theatre stage play director was selected to perform at the Circus after performing at the Bergen Afro Arts Festival in Norway last year.

In an interview with NewsDay Life & Style yesterday, Matiyanga, who is currently on a two-year contract tour scheduled to end in September said she had been off the stage for two months since January.

“Since January to March 20 we could not hold any shows, but we later resumed on Saturday since the cases of the virus have slowed down and businesses are now operating. I performed at The Xiamen Ling Ling International Circus to entertain guests,” she said…

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