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Be part of the fastest growing creator marketplace for circus and multidisciplinary performing arts.

  • Register and create a profile page and be part of the fastest growing creator marketplace!
  • Access and search the International Circus Arts Database (ICDB) and the Act and Show Database
  • Access and search the Event Calendar
  • Post an event (class, workshop, festival ...etc.)
  • Access the Education and Training page
  • Access the Equity and Inclusion page
  • Access Groups and participate in group discussions
  • Create a simple job post
  • Access up to 2 free articles from CircusTalk.News every month


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Stay up-to-date about what is happening in circus and the performing arts. Support independent art journalism and our mission of creating visibility and recognition for circus as an art form.

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  • Full access to CircusTalk.News (international circus news, professional advice, casting alerts, company and artists interviews, industry intel, professional development video series and more)
  • Advance search the International Circus Arts Database (ICDB)
  • Access to PRO Talks (regular virtual, live meetups with industry leaders from casting)
  • Access the Festival List
  • Access to consultants
  • Access to direct messaging and contact informantion
  • Get 15% off on advertising and partnership packages
  • Get discounts from our partners


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Spend less time searching for opportunities and more time mastering your art.

  • Access the Job Board (40+ new jobs weekly)
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  • Use your professional profile to apply to jobs ( 'Apply via CircusTalk')
  • Priority placement in talent search
  • Access Career Lab, a space to learn, share knowledge, connect and extend your network
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Access the fastest growing international circus and multidisciplinary talent pool and save time with our talent organizational tools.

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PRO plan details

  • All the benefits of PRO
  • Exclusive Access and Search to the Talent Database
  • Full Access and Search to the Act and Show Database
  • Access talent organizing dashboard and tools (customized search-sets, tags, messaging, notes on talent profiles)
  • Post a casting breakdown on the Job Board
  • Priority placement in talent search
  • Use the Apply via CT feature (This feature allows applicant to apply to jobs with their CircusTalk profile and offers job posters an easy way to sort and organize applicants on their CircusTalk dashboard)
  • Invite talent directly to apply to your job post (coming soon)
  • JamarGig clients can qualify for the first-year-free access to the CircusTalk talent database. Learn more about JamarGig integrated casting software and contact JamarGig for more details and mention CircusTalk to confirm if you qualify.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is CircusTalk?

CircusTalk.com is the leading online career platform and casting marketplace for circus and performing arts, an essential resource for circus and multidisciplinary artists and talent seekers.

We (believe that the circus arts have a crucial role to play in the future shaping of the Performing Arts landscape with their ability to inspire people to re-imagine the possible, with their inherent balance of risk-taking and trust and their history of accessibility.

We create a level playing field for artists and creators to be seen, develop, grow, and succeed individually, as a community and as an industry.

Is it free?

CircusTalk is FREE to any artist, creator, company or organization to create a profile in our growing database of the ecosystem of the international circus and multidisciplinary performing arts. Our mission of creating a level playing makes it possible for all artists and companies to be found and get international visibility on our platform.

Your BASIC CircusTalk account also allows you to post anything on the platform, full access to event listings, group chats and read circus news.

If you want to deepen your knowledge and connections, became a PRO member and get unlimited access to our rich career development content created by industry professionals, that you cannot find anywhere else.

What do PRO members get that the wider community doesn’t?

Besides the free stuff that we love to share with everybody and build a deeper awareness and understating for this art form, membership gets you: PRO:

  • Access to job listing and direct application to jobs
  • Direct messaging
  • PRO exclusive content
  • Career development advice
  • Original video series by industry leaders
  • Online networking

PRO Casting:

  • Access to the largest, fastest growing circus and multidisciplinary talent database
  • Advanced search option
  • Direct contact with artists
  • Talent organizational tools
  • Content and information about artists, creators, upcoming shows and industry trends.

How much does membership cost?

PRO membership costs US$ 13.99/month and only US$ 7.99/month if you purchase the yearly plan (US$ 95.88) or US$ 9.99/month if you purchase the 6-month plan.

If you are a company and have a larger team of talent seekers, please contact our Sales Manager to learn more about a customized company plan. [email protected]

If you are an educational institution, take advantage of our marketing packages that includes special offers for students. Contact us for more details. [email protected]

Who can join CircusTalk?

Anybody and everybody who work in the circus and multidisciplinary performing arts or who is just a fan.

If you love the circus and multidisciplinary performing arts and what to stay up to date, learn about shows and artists, join as a FAN. At the sign up page answer NO to the question “Do you study or work professionally in the field of circus and performing arts, or provide products and services to the industry?” and complete your registration.

If your company or you as an individual work professionally in the circus and multidisciplinary performing arts and at the sign up page answer YES to the question “Do you study or work professionally in the field of circus and performing arts, or provide products and services to the industry?” and complete your registration.

I have a question, who can I contact?

Email to our Customer Success Team at [email protected] and we will try to get back to you as quickly as possible.