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As part of our mission to be an inclusive resource for the worldwide circus and multidisciplinary performing arts industry, CircusTalk aims to be a resource to recognize the diversity of our sector and the need for even greater diversity and inclusion. The topics of inclusion that are of utmost importance to CircusTalk are that of race, gender and disability. We aim to help level the playing field for BIPOC, disabled people, folks on the LGBTQIA and neurodivergent spectrums in the circus sector. While CircusTalk serves the entire circus community, we recognize that certain groups of people have rarely received equal access to circus resources and opportunities. We hope to help remedy that by encouraging inclusion in the circus arts, and by providing a platform for individuals and organizations to promote inclusion and restorative processes.

This page is dedicated to highlighting our news coverage, panel series, and interviews on this topic, while spotlighting issues of inequity, and providing resources and examples for best practices.

If you want to contribute to this resource resource list, or share a content or lead a conversation, please contact us.


Resources in the Circus Arts

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Carter, Katrina, “Freaks No More: Rehistoricizing Disabled Circus Arts”

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