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Your profile simplifies the process of showcasing your skills and experience, consolidating everything under a single URL within a searchable database. Creating a profile in the fastest growing performing arts database not only saves you time by eliminating the guesswork about what to share and using multiple references, it also saves time for employers and talent seekers. They no longer have to spend endless hours searching individual websites and social media profiles to find what they need.

Boost Your Visibility

Having a profile page where talent seekers can access all the information they require, including work experience, education, videos, and a list of your disciplines, in one convenient location sets you apart and puts you ahead of the crowd. With your profile page, you gain increased visibility in an expansive, searchable, international database of performing artists, making it effortless for talent seekers to discover and connect with you for employment and casting opportunities.


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We provide an extensive job listing covering both on and off-stage opportunities in circus arts, dance, and various performing arts genres. Our listings include direct employer posts and an aggregated service, simplifying job searches for seekers through a single, comprehensive listing.


With direct messaging, PRO members can connect with fellow artists, directors, casting directors and agents, and industry professionals, expanding their network and potentially finding new collaborators or mentors.


PRO members receive priority placement in talent searches. This increases your profile views and chances to be considered for a role.

Career Development

We offer valuable resources, including a consultant list, articles, videos, and tips on casting, auditioning, costuming, self-marketing, and other industry insights. Our live networking events, PRO Talks, provide artists with insights into the casting process from talent seekers in the industry. PRO members can access these resources through the Career Lab to enhance their skills and knowledge.

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What members are saying

When you are hiring hundreds of artists, I am heavily leaning into automation from a technological standpoint that relieves some of the bandwidth from casting directors… I recommend that artists find an outlet where they can store all their information [demo video, photos, videos, credentials, references… etc.] and where they can easily reference them for casting directors. Sending updates in separate emails is not efficient. Artists should find resources that help them organize all these data. CircusTalk does that!
Rob Tannion
Ryan Saab
Senior Vice President, Talent Casting & Recruitment RWS Global
I use CircusTalk to find work offers, casting calls and open live auditions. I love the job platform. I find it easy and clear to use and everything is just one click away. ... I love that I can present my profile in a very easy and clear way and it’s very convenient for producers to browse around.
Rob Tannion
Veera Kaijanen
Circus Performer

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