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Why PRO Casting

Efficient: Our database streamlines the casting process, making it more efficient and cost-effective. Casting directors and producers can search and filter for talent based on specific criteria (such as over 200 circus disciplines), reducing the time and effort required for traditional casting calls.

Up-to-Date: Maintaining the accuracy and freshness of in-house databases can be challenging, particularly in terms of keeping information up to date. Our independent online databases is updated in real-time by active and engaged artists allowing casting directors have access to the most current information about their skills, experience, and availability.

Inclusive: Our extensive casting database unlocks access to a diverse talent pool spanning 193 countries, reaching beyond talent seeker’s personal and organizational networks. This inclusivity supports underrepresented talents and allows casting professionals to discover a rich variety of performers from diverse backgrounds, ensuring the right fit for specific roles or projects.

How PRO Casting works for you

Post your job, casting call or audition
Select the APPLY VIA CIRCUSTALK feature and allow artists to apply with a click of button, giving you instant access to their detailed performer profile
Search the fastest growing international circus and multidisciplinary talent pool featuring over 30K performers and one thousand shows
Use talent organizational tools, create and manage shortlists, and send them to your clients or creative team, streamlining the casting process.


Choose the plan that fits your business:

Use our industry's leading casting platform for your next project.


What members are saying

I use CircusTalk as a talent seeker because the database that they provide is an incredible tool for the work I do, which is find great talent and cast great productions.
Rob Tannion
Mel Bayol
Casting Manager and Acrobatic Talent Seeker

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