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Press Description

Veteran of Cirque du Soleil, Stephan Choiniere, breaks new ground with an innovative miniature version of the popular circus apparatus known as the Cyr Wheel. The Spinning Ring performed by Stephan is the first of its kind to be choreographed into a feature act. Stephan premiered the Spinning Ring in 2013 in Atlanta, Georgia with other veterans of Cirque du Soleil in the critically acclaimed circus ensemble called, NoNet. Since then, a shortened version is performed several times a year for Teatro Martini, an adult dinner comedy theater in Buena Park, California. The Spinning Ring also had a cameo feature in the 2014 Las Vegas production of One Night for One Drop, the annual fundraiser for the non-profit foundation of Cirque du Soleil founder, Guy LaLiberté. Subsequently Stephan has devised custom versions for Sprung Creations’ The Noir Project in Los Angeles, and in Denver, Colorado for MOTH Circus in their production, L’Electrique Dollhouse Circus, and The Nutcracker Circus. Additionally, the Spinning Ring has been utilized in strolling entertainment as a promotional novelty for the CabaRAE variety theater in Waikiki, Hawaii, and at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas for DJI with Acrolibrium Entertainment. This act is adaptable to various themes. Agent-friendly video, and up to ten unbranded high-res images available upon request.


Tech Spec

Minimum performance space: 16’ x 20’ / 5 x 6 meters is required for the full performance. A raised platform or stage is preferable with a hard, smooth and dry surface. Outdoor factors may present humidity as an adverse, slippery and dangerous element. Allow for a 30 minute tech rehearsal with lighting and sound check in advance of the performance. A dressing room / heated warm up space, including appropriate lighting for make-up, required at least two hours before showtime. The Spinning Ring can also be utilized for strolling entertainment and/or in a smaller space requirement for more conservative demonstrations and improvisational performances.





“This is like the future! AWESOME WORK!!!!”

Joan Estevial, Cyr Wheel enthusiast


"When I think of who to have in a project, Stephan Choiniere consistently tops the list.  He's a true artist and his passion, creativity and precision are at the top of the field. Stephan’s exploration of the mini Cyr wheel on Sprung's ‘Noir Project’ was nothing short of spectacular. From my experience, he approaches everything he does with 100% commitment matched only by his extra-ordinary skill. Name the place and the time and I'll work with Stephan.”

~Daniel Passer, Lead Clown and Comedy Conceptor with Cirque du Soleil & Dragone Entertainment; Co-Artistic Director at Sprung Creations


“Wow, a lot of research in there! Really cool.”

Valerie Inertie, World’s first and foremost female Cyr Wheel artist, www.inertie.ca


“Yeeeah go on mate - innovator! Clean and original!”

Dandypunk, Artist of the Whimsical, Disney Imagineer & Cirque du Soleil performer


“Fantastic work.”

Cal McCrystal, Cirque du Soleil clown director, www.calmccrystal.com


“Bravo Stéphane! Nice work.”

Catherine Archambault, Cirque du Soleil choreographer


“Bravo!!!! <3 !!!”

Javier Moreno, co-founder of Festival Siguiente Escena, (International Festival of Alternative Performing Arts)


“I always enjoy the work of a perfectionist.”

Jeremiah Hughes, Dancer and featured character for Cirque du Soleil (Viva Elvis!, Toruk) and Le Reve, Las Vegas


“Wow! I enjoyed that tremendously. Thank You! That was just over the top sweet. Seriously can't say enough about it.”

Sam Tribble, Cyr wheel performer/instructor & Founder at www.spinnovate.me


“I really like this, reminds me of Jean Babilee and Michael Moschen at the same time; can't do better than that!”

Christian White, Fine-art painter & instructor, www.christianwhitestudio.com


“Hey guys you gotta check this guy out! He took one of my songs from Manhattan Blues Project...222 W. 23rd St...and did this unbelievable choreography to it. It's amazing! I've never had anyone do anything like this so I was both honored and humbled by it. He is a dancer/acrobat/performer with Cirque du Soleil. If you get a moment, check it out!"

Steve Hunter, world renown solo guitarist for Alice Cooper, Lou Reed, Peter Gabriel and more, www.stevehunter.com


“Very innovative Stephan!”

Jonas Woolverton, pioneering Cyr wheel artist for Cirque Eloise & Cirque du Soleil


“Stephan my friend, you're so amazing with all the discoveries. The flow is working based on the different levels you are moving in. Continue the great job. Thumbs up x10”

J M St Louis, performing artist, and VP of operations at Flying Arrow Productions, www.flying-arrow.com






Stephan Choiniere was raised since the age of ten to become an elite NCAA gymnast at Temple University (USA). After his competition years, Stephan became a principle performer with the acrobatic troupe, AntiGravity, integrating dance, acrobatics and aerials for the company’s original shows and corporate productions, appearing in such esteemed venues as: The Metropolitan Opera House, Madison Square Garden, Radio City Music Hall for MTV's Video Music Awards, as well as performing nightly at the award ceremonies of the 2002 Olympic Winter Games in Salt Lake City. He is proud to have been a featured entertainer at special events for George Lucas, Richard Branson, George Soros, and Paul Newman. Stephan created and performed the featured duo, “Body2Body” in over 1000 shows for Cirque du Soleil in their Las Vegas production, Zumanity. Stephan’s creative recipe for the stage includes awe-inspiring skills with fluid phrasing and emotive story telling. He teaches workshops for partnering, physical theater and act-making in the “Nouveau-Cirque” genre. Additionally, Stephan moonlights as a SAG-AFTRA stunt performer in feature films, while collaborating as the subject for fine-art photographers, and as a favorite model for the world-renowned sculptor, Richard MacDonald. He holds a degree in fine arts (painting & drawing) from Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia. Stephan currently resides in Las Vegas. Much more of his work, associations and testimonials can be seen at: www.acrofuzion.com