The Reclaim of Pink

Belgium since 2019
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“The Reclaim of Pink” is a tight wire act that starts from the fascination for pink and questions preconceptions about associations that come with that colour, through the concept of “reclaiming”.

To reclaim is to take control of a term that has a pejorative context. Taking control of a slur removes the ability of bigots to use that term in a hurtful manner. I am reclaiming pink.
In the western society pink is associated with sweet, love, girly, calming, etc. The intent is to show what else pink can be: powerful, fun, outgoing, daring, ugly, non-gender, … Pink is badass and people should know it. 
Challenging the preconception of the colour pink is the purpose of the piece. The performance will show the wide spectrum of what pink can be. The aim is to bring awareness that numerous terms are rooted in a prejudged context and it is up “us” to take control over that.

In the research the focus will be on different qualities and layers of the colour pink on the tight wire, qualities and associations that are generally not related to the colour pink. A self standing tight wire structure on wheels will be used as apparatus. The climate will be energetic, absurd and empowering.

The objective is to make an intervention, enter the space and claim it. The performance exists out of three parts, three stages of reclaiming.
The first phase consists out of a dance sequence on the wire, a combination of technical elements and improvised and dance moves. It will be fast, funky and fresh. Pink is spirited. The second phase contains only technique. There will be no decorations, just combinations of tricks. After each combination I arrive back on the platform and comment on myself and to the audience: “Aha look what I can!” “Ha, I own this.” Pink is empowering. The last part will be exclusively hanging on and rolling around the wire. I don’t fully stand on the wire anymore. This expresses that pink can be ugly, bold. “This is what I want and I own it.” Pink is art. 



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