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St. John's Interna... Wonderbolt Circus
Sept.21, 2022 - Sept.25, 2022
5TH ANNUAL ST. JOHN’S INTERNATIONAL CIRCUSFEST / SEPT 21ST -25TH, 2022 Connecting Circus at the Edge of the World! This year the St. John’s International CircusFest is partnering with with artists and world renowned contemporary circus companies from Quebec and Europe to join us at the edge o...
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Circus Teacher Exchange Stacy Clark
Sept.21, 2022 - Sept.22, 2022
The 5th annual St. John’s International CircusFest will take place September 21-25, 2022. Join us for five days action-packed with workshops, panels, keynotes and of course, incredible live shows including Raven (Germany) and Muse by Flip Fabrique (Canada). On Wednesday and Thursday, September 21...
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Brave Space Aloft Circus Arts
Aug.06, 2022 - Aug.27, 2022
Inspired by the idea of creating trusting communities in trying and dangerous times, Brave Space starts as a puddle 250 yards of fabric on the floor, and, with the help of the audience, grows into a massive blanket fort--a world of hope that includes interdependent acts of aerial arts, acrobatics, j...

EZ expired Free

Posted by: Elena Zanzu
Posted on: Mar. 12, 2022
Category: Show with touring date
Type: In Person
EZ - Circus Events - CircusTalk

EZ is a project around pain, vulnerability, negotiation, consent, care. It explores the power dynamics and pact in place between artist and audience.

What happens when a human body is tied, tortured, and manipulated in a consensual way on stage? What reactions – physical, emotional and cognitive - occur in a person being manipulated, a person manipulating and a person observing it? Is there space for care? Can we laugh? How do we negotiate? Is it a ritual?

Date: May 25, 2022 -
May 26, 2022

Application link:
Location: Mercat de les Flors


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