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Circus in PLACE Circus Minimus
Oct.03, 2020 - Oct.04, 2020
A very special event is happening soon in the Green Mountains. What happens when nine life-long professional circus artists are thwarted by a global pandemic from touring? They meet in the backyards over small campfires and ask the PASSOVER QUESTION: What makes circus, if we did it here on th...
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Nouveau Cirque Japon Setouchi Circus Factory
Nov.21, 2020 - Nov.25, 2020
This is an amazing collaboration with beautiful circus artists, a contemporary dancer, and Kodo, celebrated and incredibly talented group of Japanese drums in Ritsurin Koen, one of the most beautiful National Garden in Japan... Director: Hanabi Uwanosora (toRmansion) Concept: Michiko Tanaka (Set...
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What Do You See In Me? Extraordinary Bodies
Sept.30, 2020 - Sept.30, 2020
When the pandemic mothballed Extraordinary Bodies' latest national tour, the professional circus company rapidly moved towards the production of a low-fi lockdown film. What Do You See In Me? is a prequel to the stage show that was due to premier in a theatre setting at The Lowry in Salford last ...

The circus actor: a creative figure, what kind of training? expired Free

Posted by: C.I.F.A. Centro Internacional de Formación Artística
Posted on: Nov. 22, 2019
Category: Intensive/Workshop/Class
Type: In Person
The circus actor: a creative figure, what kind of training? - Circus Events - CircusTalk
The foundation of training for a circus actor is the flexibi ity of their vocabulary. Compared with theater and dance, circus is an art form lacking in character diversity, and contemporary circus can only be creative if it knows how to transform and bend its vocabulary through specific training. In the hunt for a personal ized language a circus vocabulary is needed, distinct from theater and dance, something that is purely circus yet flexible enough to be able to transform an acrobatic action into a lyrical, danced movement or an expression of emotions. The main characteristic of the circus actor is the ability to speak through metaphors in the attempt to reveal unexplored corners of the human soul, with the objective of el iciting new emotions through technique. With the help of physical conditioning, manipulations, gestures, choreographies or movements, all in all , with the help of their body, the circus actor creates images that ask to be deciphered by the spectators and their stagefel lows as well . A true network of real ities and discipl ines is thus constructed, experimented and consolidated so that the talent of each artist contributes to the imaginary proposal being presented. This investigative workshop offers participants the opportunity to discover new paths to explore, of which Roberto serves as a passionate mentor who is always listening.
Date: Dec. 13, 2019 -
Dec. 15, 2019

10:00 am - 1:30 pm
Timezone: (UTC+1) Amsterdam, Berlin, Paris, Rome, Madrid
Online event URL:
Location: Calle Pago de la Reaficcion 1

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