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Day breaks on a bleak dystopian future, as a dishevelled survivor shuffles through the shifting plastic wasteland.

Nothing grows, the air burns and all life has disappeared. He’s out of food, out of water and slowly going out of his mind. And now that there’s nothing to eat, what’s left of his body is starting to look disturbingly delicious… Surely just a finger or two can’t hurt?

AutoCannibal is a gruesomely funny work by provocateur Mitch Jones (aka Captain Ruin) that explores environmental destruction through the metaphor of an individual body. Mesmerising, poignant and terrifyingly hilarious, this unnerving merger of circus, performance art and physical theatre will have you on the edge of your seat as you contemplate our shared fate in a world destroyed by irreversible climate change.

'A hell-dark clownscape … It ’s ghoulish and human and oddly comforting.’
Sydney Morning Herald

'Original, bold and disturbingly amusing, AutoCannibal is must-see physical theatre.’

'Jones is a master of physical theatre'
The Guardian


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