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Too often hidden, too often buried, too often taboo, and yet very widespread.
Bulimia affects many of us, in the greatest of secrets.
But why ? Why is it so hard to trust?
Have you ever felt these feelings? These feelings of hatred, disgust, loss of control, feeling that someone else is running their own body without any way to stop it...
This issue traces the emotional journey of a devouring being devoured by his own mind, a poignant mental duel, a search for balance by an unbalanced body.
This presentation is also a hope, because it is possible, possible to say stop, possible to regain control, possible to regain stability and lightness, but you have to open up to others and accept help.
So I'm doing this for anyone who hasn't made the leap yet, and for anyone who closes their eyes, who finds it shocking and repugnant.
I open in a poetic duel hoping to touch and provoke the spirits.


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