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'MOSH SPLIT' is a 45-minute long, wild riot-girl circus pop show that revolves around a crazy camping car, flexible legs and high flying acrobatics. The doors of the caravan open and from there a seemingly never-ending flow of surprising characters and crazy ideas emerge: Dresses are made out of toilet paper and a simple vacuum cleaner becomes a hairdresser's assistant.
The show is distinguished by its variety oh high-level circus disciplines including two simultaneous swinging trapezes, partner acrobatics, a Washington Trapeze, splits, humour and girl power. Absurd and bewitching at the same time, the performance is an incredible experience- and incredibly Finnish experience. The circus skills of five women, the winning energy as well as a decent portion of humour- this is 'Mosh Split'.


"Suomi people do it better"
"Sisus rocks so bad"
"The best circus from Finland"
"What a show! Crazy energy combined with ironic chick humor"
"Loved the Fresh and unrestricted style of Sisus"
​'Mosh Split' was fun and provocative'
'The performance was made out of anarchist women's energy'
​'Mosh Split was an experience because of the immediacy and natural presence of the whole crowd.'


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