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N.Ormes is a circus show where the duo Agathe and Adrien pushes the limits and expectations of their own bodies and gender norms. Provocative, dysfunctional and tender, the piece brings the viewer to question their own assumptions.

The story features two protagonists and their relationship navigating between complicity and power struggles. Skilfully combining hand to hand, Icarian games and dance, the stage becomes an arena. One by one, the archetypes fall in battle, giving way to a quest for friendship and fairness through power and fluidity. 

With minimal scenography, and the rich lighting of Claire Seyller, we follow their relationship through moments of frenzy and exhaustion. The original score by Simon Leoza takes us through the intimate and grandiose evolution of the protagonists, where the exchange of roles and lifts, like a new language, blurs all our preconceptions.



Direction and interpretation: Agathe Bisserier and Adrien Malette-Chénier

Lighting conception: Claire Seyller

Musical composition: Simon Leoza

Costume conception: Sophie El Assad

Outside Eyes - Choreography: Stacey Desilier

Outside Eyes - Dramaturgy: Agathe Foucault, Stéphane Crête.


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