Omnium Circus Presents I’mPossible!

by OMNIUM-A Bold New Circus United States since 2021
  • 14
  • 1 hr 30 min
  • Touring

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“I’m Possible” is the story of young boy who has a dream to join the circus. He confronts a world full of challenges and through a death defying, awe inspiring, madcap circus adventure discovers the strength, courage and perseverance that changes his life forever.

“Striking the first two letters of the word “impossible” is the first step into a world of all things “possible” — a world that is not a million miles away, rather within us. Embracing ourselves to believe we’re capable of anything – will lead us there. We’ll discover that the power, the passion and the perseverance to impel our journey to achieve our goals in life, dwells within our own spirit.”

Noe Espana, Artistic Director, Circus Omnium

Omnium: A Bold New Circus is a visionary not-for-profit organization bringing together a completely diverse cast of extraordinary talent from all over the globe…uniquely unified, multitalented, multi-racial, and multi-abled, our stars transport audiences into a world of jaw dropping spectacle and wonder, inspiring them with extraordinary feats of human accomplishment and the astounding potential of the human spirit. 

As one of only 9 professional performance art companies actively hiring Disabled artists, we celebrate our diversity and create joy and laughter enriching empathy among all people and inspiring healthier communities through shared positive experiences. “Omnium” means of all and belonging to all- presenting the best in family circus entertainment—inclusive of all and accessible to all at every performance. Vis it for more information!


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