One Man's Trash: A Repurposed Circus

by Cirque Us United States since 2016
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After the stitch-popping success of “RagTag: A Circus in Stitches,” we are thrilled to announce the return of Cirque Us’ debut show: “One Man’s Trash!” Since its original production in 2016, Cirque Us has wowed and astonished audiences with a myriad of touring shows each year. The physical feats, captivating characters, and sheer joy of the circus know no bounds. Its limitless spirit and anything-is-possible attitude make circus arts a testament to the strength of teamwork and community-- that trust in one another is what upholds us all, that connecting with each other is how we become our best selves. Be it the pass of a juggling club or the leap of an acrobat, “One Man’s Trash” is ready to prove what we’re capable of--what we’re all capable of--together.

“One Man’s Trash” is a story of creation and recreation. In the true spirit of the circus, revised and reimagined for 2022, our show challenges the possibilities of the everyday. “One Man’s Trash” reclaims and reanimates all that’s left in trash cans and littered in the garage to create a junkyard adventure like none other. Truly, our cast of inventive acrobats, high-flying aerialists, and quirky clowns are bursting to welcome you into their world! So, grab your garbage bags, pick up the recycling, and get ready to laugh and cheer as this repurposed circus turns trash into treasure.

The dumpster doors are wide open-- and we can’t wait for you to jump in.

For this upcoming Fall season, Cirque Us is proud to announce five tour stops including two festivals!
August 26th - August 28th: Troy, NY - Contemporary Circus and Immersive Arts Center
September 1st - 7th: Philadelphia, PA - CannonBall Fringe Festival with the Philadelphia Fringe Festival
September 9th-10th: Somerville, MA - Arts at the Armory
September 11th: Lebanon, NH - Upper Valley Circus Camp
September 15th - 17th: Rochester, NY - Rochester Fringe Festival


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