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need to move that is uncommonly hard to describe, similar to an urge to yawn but in your arms or legs. The performance is an exploration of this painful, electrical, creeping, itching, pulling, crawling, buzzing, or numb sensation that ultimately stops you from finding rest. In a search for relief the protagonists turn to all matter of ropes: Jumping and climbing to exhaust the restless body or desperately tying knots in an attempt to quiet the ceaseless movement.
On the other hand this condition describes the situation of artists in Hungary very well: We have a strong urge to create, to participate. The political situation feeds us constantly with emotions, we feel we have a role to play, but our hands are tied, resources are limited. No way out, no real way in, stuck in a state of constant struggle.


Márton Csuzi
Lennart Paar
Gaia Santuccio
Zsófia Zoletnik
Daniel Relle

Light: Janka Galkó
Music: Trentemoller, r.roo
Video: Daniel Jenőfi, Tamás Imre


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