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Kadri Hansen
Kadri Hansen is an Estonian aerial acrobat who loves to share parts of her inner self through aerial performances. Kadri is inspired by contrasts and contradictions both in humans and Estonia's nature in different seasons. Having a degree in graphic design and visual communications, she has a great curiosity towards different forms of art and visual storytelling. At the beginning of 2022, Kadri's first aerial dance film was selected to have its world premiere at the "50th Dance on Camera Festival" in New York, thus combining Kadri's extensive performance background with her studies in visual communication.
Kadri has been involved with Circus for most of her life, alongside being put into music school at the age of 5 where she learned classical piano for many years. Due to the fact that the circus community is fairly small in a country of 1.3 million people, Kadri's curiosity has taken her to live, train and perform with various companies in Mexico and Canada over the years. Kadri's movement style has been described as organic and deeply emotive. Her acts often have a powerful yet nostalgic feel to them.