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Slack Wire Act With Story Line Will Make You Laugh! 

This slack wire act named "Fish Fetish" was awarded with the ‘Cirque Phenix Award’ in Festival Mondial du Cirque Demain in Paris.

There’s literally tension in the air between Chris and his pet goldfish Michelle. The loose slackwire becomes the stage for this little short story where Chris balances the difficulties of performing acrobatic skills while at the same time using his acting skills to give life to the bizarre and absurd relationship between his character and the plastic goldfish!

Splashes of water is unavoidable when Chris takes Michelle with him on the slackwire for a stroll!




” What Chris Pettersen does on the slack rope and on the slack line is breathtaking! “

Wiesbaden Sensor

”Slack wire acrobatics where people hold their breath. The Norwegian Christ Pettersen jumps lightly over the thin slack wire with his goldfish bowl. Pettersen toured around the world with the famous “Cirque du Soleil”.“
WAZ Magazin

” The Scandinavian Chris Pettersen balanced with the fishbowl effortlessly over the thin rope without even spilling something – a virtuoso feat of holding the balance. He triggers a real storm of applause – the dynamic of his performance jumps over to the audience. “
The German Variety Magazine

” In lofty heights, Chris Pettersen demonstrated handstands on the slack rope. While the audience was amazed, the artist even took a goldfish in a bowl onto the swaying rope while rolling forward. The circus performance of the Norwegian GOP Prize Winner is one of the many highlights of the new varieté show. “
German Newspaper

“A highlight of the program is certainly the appearance of the Norwegian Chris Pettersen on the slack wire.“
Rheinische Post




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