StrongWomen Science at Edinburgh Science Festival - Circus Events - CircusTalk
StrongWomen Scienc... Circus250
Apr.19, 2020 - Apr.19, 2020
Ever wanted to know how you balance a chair on your chin or if you can juggle liquid? StrongWomen Aoife and Maria reveal the scientific secrets behind their astounding tricks. In a fun and fast-paced family circus performance, find out how jugglers, acrobats and hula hoop artists use science to crea...
Training Camp Circocan - Circus Events - CircusTalk
Training Camp Circocan Circocan - International School of Circus
Apr.29, 2020 - May03, 2020
5-day intensive circus training at Circocan Headquarters, in an off-site location 50 minutes driving from downtown Curitiba, one of the majors cities in southern Brazil. The camp is opened to all levels, and groups will be divides in levels and experience if needed, according to the circus discip...
SAILOR CIRCUS 71ST... Sailor Circus Academy
Apr.09, 2020 - Apr.19, 2020
The “Greatest ‘Little’ Show on Earth,” America’s longest-running youth circus performing in the newly renovated and AIR-CONDITIONED Sailor Circus Arena. Sailor Circus Academy is America’s oldest youth circus with more than 1 million spectators throughout its hist...

Performing Arts between Tradition and Contemporaneity expired

Posted on: Sept. 09, 2019
Category: Festival
Performing Arts between Tradition and Contemporaneity - Circus Events - CircusTalk
International Conference "Performing Arts Between Tradition and Contemporaneity" December 16 - 20, 2019 Laubegg Castle - Styria, Austria "Performing Arts Between Tradition and Contemporaneity" is an annual multidisciplinary conference exploring the bridge between the ‘traditional’ and the ‘contemporary’ in performing arts. Performing arts in the era of non-stop evolving technology, in which traditional and classical forms of performing arts constantly get revised and reconstructed by contemporary practitioners. Performing arts as long-established traditions, the inexhaustible source of inspiration, that influence and enrich the artist’s creative process today. What does ‘traditional’ and ‘contemporary’ mean for performers, artists and the audience today? Performing arts as the intersection of cultures, inspired by the contemporary phenomena of people moving around the globe and stepping beyond the usual practices. Performing arts as an impulse to search for a universal language in contemporary performance and artistic expression as a firm foundation for intercultural dialogue. The conference meeting is highly recommended to performing arts practitioners and researchers from all over the world, interested in applying the traditional methods to contemporary performance and expanding their international network of opportunities and collaboration partners: performing arts academics, arts educators and teachers, actors and directors, dancers and choreographers, arts administrators and producers, musicians, stage and costume designers, mask makers, multimedia artists, scriptwriters and playwrights, theatre critics and arts journalists, and all other performers of various genres and techniques. You are welcome to take part as a Presenter / Speaker or a Participant / Observer. The conference offers the unique opportunity: - to exchange experience and share ideas in performing arts education and training, rehearsal process and performance practice; - to demonstrate various methods and techniques in contemporary performance, inspired and formed in connection with the world’s traditional heritage; - to meet colleagues from all over the world, establish new contacts and lay a foundation for future collaboration in multicultural and multilingual artistic environment. About Conference 2019:
Date: Dec. 16, 2019 -
Dec. 20, 2019

Location: Laubegg 1

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