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Espera is in Spanish: to wait, to hope and to expect.
One word, which covers three different angles to look at time passing.

Trust can really make a difference.
Espera is a place where we invite people to share their hopes and fears, so no one will be left alone.

Circus becomes a ceremony that turns the fragility of being out of balance into a timeless waltz.


Original idea and directing: Compañía de Circo "eia" - Celso Pereira et Francesca Lissia

With: Celso Pereira et Francesca Lissia

Music: Micah Paul Hinson, Kepa Junquera, Chango Spasiuk, Sondeseu, with the collaboration of Cristiano Della Monica

Artistic collaborations: Juana Beltran, Jose Luis Redondo, John Paul Zaccarini, Ivar Hecksher, Ingrid Esperanza, Studium Canticum, Manu Vision Barcelona, Federico Carta.

Set:Celso Pereira and Francesca Lissia, Campanacci Ditta Sulis, with the collaboration of Slow Fusta and Carpinteria, Restauraci.n Peimar

Costumes: Olga Arizaga, Fabrizio Giannini.

With the support of:  INAEM, Institut Ramon Llull, La Central del Circ, Circolo Baladi, NunArt, La Nave del Otto


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