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Literally translated "Feng" means wind and "Shui" whater. In chinese culture they are correlated with health and prosperity. Chinese philosophy and art Feng Shui, older than 3000 years, is inspiriring us in research of a boddy, person and objects in space. This experiment of movement/dance and sound/music is based on Feng Shui principles.

Feng Shui is a unique music and dance performance which combines live original music  with dance and object manipulation. It is inspired with the Feng Shui philosophy and the research of contemporary sound and movement. A metaphysical ambience and a view out of the box of learned and accessible, are the topics that the authors deal with in this performance.

The performance features contemporary music techniques such as beatbox, looping live recording techniques and techniques of playing music with a termos botttle developed by Filip Borelli. The dance segment of this performance is signed by Tanja Puklek, who combines contemporary dance techniques and object manipulation. In this performance she uses LED poi and poi-flags. The specialty of her performance is in the manipulation of poi with feet.

Authors and performers: Filip Borelli and Tanja Puklek

Music/sound: Filip Borelli and Tanja Puklek 

Costume design: Tanja Puklek  

It is intended to perform this project in dance halls, galleries or any place suitable for performance (public or private place).


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