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Sosina Wogayehu
Circus Artist, Company CEO -Ethiopia
Sosina Wogayehu, CEO Ethio Circus Entertainment, President Addis Ababa Gymnastics Federation

Award-winning Sosina Wogayehu started her circus career at the age of six. She traveled the world as a circus performer as a teenager and later toured for many years with the world-famous Circus Oz, eventually becoming a member on the board of directors at Circus Oz.

Sosina has a degree in Theatre Production from Swinburne University, and a circus degree from NICA in Melbourne, Australia. In 2014, she returned to Ethiopia and began Gamo Circus School. She helps students who often come from families with limited means to gain the best education possible. Sosina understands the immense value young people can gain from exposure to the wider world and has secured invites for many of her students to travel to Australia, the USA, Europe and the Middle East to perform.