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Announcing New COVID-19 Features on CircusTalk, Including Resources and Cancellations Lists

The circus community is in a state of turmoil due to repercussions from the COVID-19 virus. There are layoffs, circus schools on hiatus right before graduation season, shows and festivals canceled just before the spring season launch, and corporate gigs drying up as events are canceled and venues are closed all around the world. And yet, deeper problems plague us as the world is in the grip of this illness and governments take drastic measures to try to slow its advance. The situation is changing daily, and as we learn more about the virus, we also hear more about closings, and the amount of time we might need to be in quarantine.

With so much uncertainty in all of our lives right now, we feel the need to be a source for you to communicate and to commiserate, to update on information about health and safety and travel, but also to convey–to make sure everyone is informed of changes that are important to our sector and to know that you can reach out to each to other and to us through our platform. We care about the circus community–the educators, the students, the artists, the vendors, the schools, the venues, the festivals, the crew, the companies, all of you–and we are taking measures to help you, whatever your role is in our community, to find the information you need now. This is the beginning–please help us by sharing all of your resources with us so we can add them too. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at [email protected]. Here are the steps we are taking now:

COVID19 Circus Response Page

We are introducing a few new resources. Access to this page is open to everyone. We will now have a new page titled COVID19 Circus Response that you can click on to access several important and timely features. This new page will feature a CANCELLATIONS, and a RESOURCES list, that we update regularly and will list all COVID-19 related articles we publish, all in one area.


We understand that other than health and safety, the foremost concern on our user’s minds is the need for up-to-date information, on employment options, best practices, alternate income streams, government responses, travel restriction information, etc. We have created a RESOURCES list to help you navigate this information. This list begins with general COVID-19 resources for health updates and performers, online tools and advice articles. It then breaks down resources into specific continents and countries so you can find the most apt tools for your situation based on your location. Please keep sending us resources that you want to share here with the wider circus community.


If your event is listed on CircusTalk

EVENT posters now have the option to indicate if the event is canceled or postponed. Just log into your EVENT and mark it with the “Affected by COVID-19” label and update with recent information.

Go to your EVENT page -> Click on the red EDIT button -> Mark on the top of the page if your event has been affected by COVID-19.

If your event is NOT listed on CircusTalk

Please help us to inform the circus world of all major cancellations directly on our cancellations page by sharing the information about your canceled or postponed event, or circus-related activities at [email protected] so we can post it there. Also, share your projected rebooking dates whenever possible.The CANCELLATIONS list  will be updated regularly in order to keep track of any cancellations and postponements worldwide.

Use #COVID19CircusResponse in Social Media

When posting about cancellations on your event listing, on your Circus Talk profile wall or on wider social media, please use the hashtag #COVID19CircusResponse which we will also track and share on this page and our COVID19 Circus Resources page.

We thank you for being a part of our circus community and helping to connect and communicate with colleagues, friends and family during this time when circus needs its voice to be heard.