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Developing Creative Language within Circus–Phase 1.1 Musical Annotation

Over the past few years, I’ve become increasingly frustrated with the lack of tools and language we have as circassians for the creation of work. In every other art form there is a wide range of theories and methods for creating and expressing intention. This project is based around taking ideas from surrounding art forms and transforming them to suit our needs. Too often the intention of a piece of circus is presented around the technique and not through it, creating our context from external influences –lighting, costume, music, etc–then slotting the technique on top. I think the impetus of expression can arise from the essence of circus: the technique being performed, and the person performing that technique. The blame for this doesn’t always lie with the director/circassian, more often than not it is the time/money restraints of creation, we simp...
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Luke Hallgarten

Luke is a circassian –performer, creator and researcher- currently touring with No Fit State circus’s show Lexicon. He is a graduate of the National Centre for Circus Arts in London and Le Lido le centre des Arts de Cirque du Toulouse.  If you would like to contact Luke please send an email to: [email protected]