Let's Talk About Concussions

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Let’s Talk About Concussions

Concussions get a lot of attention in team sports like football, soccer, and rugby, but really, artistic athletes need to be paying just as much attention and need to be as aware of the mechanisms, symptoms, and management of concussion. Just because we donā€™t generally purposefully tackle each other (I know this is debatable in some partner work šŸ˜‰ ), this doesn’t mean we are immune to or not at risk of this kind of injury. The literature available on concussions in performing artists is minimal compared to other sports. Regardless, we know they happen and know that these sports all have risks for concussions mechanisms. The little bit of research I was able to access regarding concussions in dancers showed that they were somewhat likely to know the mechanisms and symptoms of concussions, but were not likely to self report symptoms in the case of occurrence! This shows us 2 things: Despite the understanding of the presence of concussion, there is a lack of under...
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