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Starting a New Chapter—Double the Fun

Germany’s Circus Roncalli sends a second unit on tour.
Circus Roncalli has always been a bit different compared to the other circus companies on tour in Germany. It all started as a project created by a civilian, who had no circus family background, Bernhard Paul. Paul, who was an employee in an advertising agency, had always dreamt of being a circus director. He made his dream come true when he founded Circus Roncalli in 1975. After struggling for years in the beginning, Paul turned his new circus into an unprecedented success story. Circus Roncalli soon became a synonym for a total work of art. The company found itself stepping out of the path of traditional circus, being invited to cultural festivals, attracting intellectuals and artists from various disciplines, and getting rave reviews from critics as well as from audiences, who rapidly grew to love the partly traditional, partly modern mix of performances in the center ring. Additionally over the years Roncall...
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Martin Mall

Martin Mall loves to play with gravity. He is a juggler, diabolist, laser artist, and sky diver. His creative skills and surprising acts incorporate a range from classical music to modern technology. During his 20 years of stage experience, he has performed countless successful corporate, circus, and theater shows and been recognized with awards and prizes, e.g., from the International Festival of the Circus of Tomorrow (Paris, France), Wuqiao Circus Festival (Shijiazhuang, China), the Budapest Circus Festival (Hungary).