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Swiss Circus Monti founder Hildegard Muntwyler Passes Away

Hildegard Muntwyler, founder of Circus Monti, died on September 19, 2019, at the age of 83, after a long illness.
Originally, Hildegard Muntwyler had little in common with circus and taught for many years as a primary teacher engaging in various social projects within her home community Wohlen. It was through her circus-loving husband Guido Muntwyler, the late clown Monti (deceased in 1999), that she came into contact with the circus world. Circus Monti celebrated It’s premiere for the first time on March 12, 1985.
Hildegard Muntwyler, with her perseverance and enviable, untiring dedication, helped shaped the success story of Circus Monti from the start and was responsible for the finances of the entire company. She earned a lot of respect both inside and outside the circus scene for her high demands on herself as well as on the quality of her own circus. In search of new sources of inspiration and artists for future Monti programs, she traveled the world, regularly attending circus schools and festivals.
Personal contact with the audience was always very important to her. So she greeted the visitors at the circus entrance, worked in the break at the circus buffet and enjoyed time after the performance in the awning: with spectators, acquaintances and friends but also with the artist ensemble and the employees.
Three years ago, Hildegard Muntwyler had to retire from daily business for health reasons. Nevertheless, she was still on tour with the circus and was happy about the numerous meetings and visits. She spent the last months of her life in the nursing home, where she died on 19 September 2019 after a prolonged illness.
Hildegard Muntwyler ran the show for 35 years before passing the torch of Circus Monti directing to her eldest son Johannes and his family.
In the sense the work of Hildegard Muntwyler will continue as the current Circus Monti Tour goes on.

Main Image Source: Circus Monti FB page

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