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The First Cookbook of the Digital Leap Project Is Now Available

Digital Leap is an international two-year project that offers dance and circus professionals learning opportunities to help deepen their understanding of digital environments and their possibilities in the performing arts. To that end, the project crafts learning modules with textual, audio, and visual materials, which are packaged together and published on the Digital Leap website as free “cookbooks.” The first cookbook is now online!

Digital Leap cookbooks are digital handbooks that give you food for thought and provide ingredients with which to develop your skills with digital platforms. The cookbooks cover the same topics as the four learning modules and equip you with know-how that can be applied to all fields of performing arts. These online guidebooks are a good starting point to help you further on your digitalization journey.

Cookbook 1 – Promotion covers the topics of the first Digital Leap learning module, hosted and held in person by Prague’s Arts and Theatre Institute in April 2022. The module focused on the fundamental knowledge of the digital environment of today: the largest content distribution platforms and social media networks and each of their specific formats, as well as the phenomena surrounding online algorithms. The first cookbook is produced by CircusInfo Finland.

Cookbook text & editing by Miika Sillanpää (CircusInfo Finland)
Based on material by Lukáš Vít Rýdl
Videography by Filip Staněk & Bruno Pimentel
Sound by Filip Staněk & Bruno Pimentel
Video editing by Miika Sillanpää
Cookbook icons by Fanny Senocq

Cookbook 1: Promotion

You can further read about the project and access the Cookbook via the DigitalLeap website. 

Main Image: Module day 2 at the Theatre Faculty, Academy of Performing Arts in Prague (Photo: Filip Staněk) Source: Digital Leap website
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