Circus Voices Podcast "Monkey See, Monkey Discuss": Ep 1

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Circus Voices Podcast–Monkey See, Monkey Discuss: Episode 1

Circus Voices, a podcast brought to you by CircusTalk is pleased to present a podcast series titled Monkey See, Monkey Discuss created by Ruby Burgess and Rosie Kelly.
Rosie Kelly has been part of the organising team for both the British and the European Juggling Convention as well as organising her own convention (CATCH!) in 2018. She juggles and compères at shows and conventions and currently works as a Giggle Doctor for the Theodora Children’s Charity. Ruby Burgess recently graduated from Circomedia in Bristol with a BA in Contemporary Circus and Physical Theatre. She specialises in static and swinging trapeze and has performed with companies such as Above and Beyond and ...
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Ruby Burgess

Ruby is a circus artist who recently graduated from the BA course at Circomedia. She is interested in accessibility within circus and aims to use comedy to trick people into watching political work. She has been writing for The Circus Diaries at Edinburgh Fringe for the past two years, and has worked with companies such as Above and Beyond and Cirque Bijou.