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Rick Tjia
Founder of Choreography Online and JamarGig -UNITED STATES, CANADA
Rick's multifaceted career spans diverse disciplines in the world of entertainment. Starting with tap dancing and branching into classical ballet, jazz, hip-hop, and contemporary dance under renowned teachers, his journey encompasses an extensive background in dance, acting, and even music, including performances with prestigious companies like Ballet Austin, Boston Ballet, and Delta Festival Ballet. Beyond the stage, he delved into film and television in Los Angeles, working with renowned choreographers and directors. His creative talents extend to composing, choreographing, judging dance competitions, and teaching workshops globally. With over 16 years as a Talent Scout at Cirque du Soleil, specializing in dance, Rick has contributed significantly to casting, operational and business strategies, and creative innovations. He's also a founder of innovative projects like Choreography Online and JamarGig.