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Taiwanese Troupes Shine at 2024 Festival Off Avignon

Four Taiwanese troupes have earned a spotlight at France’s 2024 Festival Off Avignon, underscoring the dynamism of Taiwan’s performing arts landscape. The Ministry of Culture revealed the selected groups—Resident Island Dance Theatre, Shinehouse Theatre, Chun Dance, and Eye Catching Circus—for the July 3-21 event.

Established in 2010 by choreographer Chang Chung-an, Resident Island Dance Theatre is renowned for its impactful and dynamic movements, using stylistic experimentation to provoke reflections on social issues. The group is set to present “In Factory” at the festival.

Since its founding in 2006 by Zeke Lee and director Chung Po-yuan, Shinehouse Theatre has actively collaborated with writers and creative professionals, showcasing over 100 performances globally. Their presentation in France will feature “The Rodin Project—Lady Macbeth.”

Chun Dance, led by Hsieh Yi-chun since its inception in 2012, plans to stage a 45-minute piece, focusing on movement devoid of a traditional storyline. Meanwhile, Eye Catching Circus, under the supervision of Li Shih-yang since its establishment in 2015, will present “#Since1994,” offering a contemporary perspective on women.

With Festival d’Avignon’s rich history since 1947, the “Off” segment introduced in 1968 has become a vital platform for avant-garde performances, fostering spontaneous showcases at informal venues like restaurants and theater schools.

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