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A Gorgeous Landscape: Circus in Modern-Day Chile

As they tour the continent, the Esta Pasando project is taking us along for the ride to map out the diverse circus cultures of South America. In this article, Chilean circus scholar, writer, and photographer Maca Simonetti gives us the lay of the land in terms of Chile’s modern circus landscape, from history into the present—and how we can preserve it going forward.
It is like when you arrive at a gorgeous landscape. You stare. You are moved. You feel grateful. You might feel very small and ephemeral. You might feel very attuned to it. Then you might want to capture the sight and try to take a picture, or two, or many, and sadly realize there is no way to take this absoluteness home. Every frame is insufficient. Even if you try to take a panoramic video, there is always something missing. The smell, the breeze, the subtle dance of time whispering behind your neck. Therefore, you decide to compose a shot, to pick a view. You create your own version of the immeasurable. That version to which you can return, from time to time, to find all that was missing in the picture. ...
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Maca Simonetti

Maca Simonetti is an anthropologist, photographer, and cultural manager linked to the performing arts through a lifetime of working, producing, directing and co-creating with companies, venues, festivals, and institutions, as well as doing research. She is a part of the CircoChile Association, a nonprofit giving life to several projects in the aim of enhancing circus arts, such as the Chilean Convention of Circus and Street Art and the Circo Teca platform Maca is tied to photography and the visual arts through personal creative projects and research that probe where the audiovisual, ethnographic and circus intersect, such as www.memoriasdetonys.clor and www.mujeresenelcirco.cl, and where visuality intersects with the street and the city, such as the urban arts festival "La Puerta del Sur." She has worked with and been featured in numerous circus magazines and publications, most recently "A arte do circo na América do Sul: trajetórias, tradiçòes e inovaçòes na arena contemporánea" (SESC, 2023), and is nowadays honoured to be a teacher at El Circo del Mundo Chile and Coordinator of Cultural Management of the Directorate of Artistic Creation at Universidad de Chile.