Career Lab Sessions - Value Based Pricing with Ulrike Storch

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Career Lab Sessions – Value Based Pricing with Ulrike Storch

Launched at the start of 2023, the Career Lab is a digital space where professionals and creators in circus and the performing arts share their knowledge with our PRO members, providing useful advice and information about products and services that will enhance their career. Think Business, Health, Marketing, Artistic Development, and more! Career Lab sessions will grow into an inclusive and expansive collection of professional resources from providers, services, and products that help artists to ignite their career and learn first-hand from leading-edge experts about topics that are not always covered in school. Each Career Lab session features a guest creator (and their product or service) who provides exclusive professional advice in their area of expertise. These sessions are but a sampling of their amazing work; our guests experts are ready to connect and engage with you!

Welcome to the second CircusTalk Career Lab Session from former circus artist and entrepreneur, Ulrike Storch.

With a 15-year successful career in performing arts, Ulrike captivated audiences worldwide with her signature act, “Tribute to Marlene.” Trained in the Netherlands, Ukraine, and Germany, she honed her skills and received her Bachelor of Circus Arts in 2014, under the tutelage of former Cirque du Soleil Artist Juan Liu and Object Manipulation Expert Gregor Kiock. Ulrike’s exceptional talent and dedication earned her international recognition, with performances featured on Channel 4, BBC, ARD, TFI Friday, Fringe Festival and Cirque Éloize. She also left her mark in the world of high-end fashion, featuring in captivating films and catwalks in Milan and Paris. Combining elements of burlesque and circus, her mesmerizing high-skill performances and stunning costumes left audiences spellbound. Discovering her passion for business, Ulrike produced her own show, “Legends,” in the London West End in 2019 with a successful sold-out one-year run.

Today, as the CEO of LetMe Academy and the founder of “Selling Circus,“she merges her performing expertise with modern business strategies tailored for the entertainment industry. Ulrike is a thought leader in the industry and proudly serves as an official consultant for Circus Talk, the world’s largest circus and performing arts career platform. Her journey from celebrated circus artist to dynamic entrepreneur showcases her unique blend of talent and business acumen.

With captivating performances and an entrepreneurial spirit, she continues to make a lasting impact in career development and entertainment industry entrepreneurship!

In this session, Ulrike covers a business topic that isn’t discussed openly in the industry, but is somehow expected of everyone to figure out on their own. And that is how to PRICE your work. In three steps, Ulrike covers what most performers get wrong about choosing a price, why you need to understand the investment ladder before naming a price, and highlights the wisdom of starting with the end in mind and the three factors that control how much you can charge (they’re not what you think)! Check out the whole session below!

This session is great for beginner and seasoned performers who want to learn how to price their work appropriately in accordance to their worth, time and energy – NOT the competition or other external factors.


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Ulrike Storch

Hi! I'm Ulrike. I am a creative Entrepreneur, Circus Artist and Business Coach and I believe that you can get anything you want and I am here to help you create it. A german with nothing more than an unstoppable hunger for creative expression, a laptop and a dream, I’m proud to have created a forward-thinking digital company that touches performers from every corner of the world. I combined over a decade of performing experience, my business research and one of the best coach certifications that are out there - e voila: Selling Circus. My flagship online learning program helps performers just like you with a nurturing step-by-step process to not only create but market and sell their fabulous talent with immense skill and unwavering confidence.