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Circusstad Festival 2024 in Rotterdam Returns in May

The Circusstad Festival in Rotterdam is gearing up for its eleventh iteration from May 1 to May 5, featuring the theme ‘Powerful Women’s Circus’. This celebration will showcase over a hundred circus artists, with a significant representation of women.

Last year, the festival attracted about 37,500 attendees and is known as the premier circus theater event in the Netherlands. The 2024 festival promises an array of impressive performances across various venues like Schouwburgplein, Theater Rotterdam, de Doelen, and Luxor Theater.

This year’s theme, ‘Powerful Women’s Circus’, aims to spotlight the abundance of female talent in the circus arts. Artistic director Menno van Dyke emphasized the need to correct the underrepresentation of women in circus festivals. The festival features predominantly female artists and women-directed performances, focusing on feminist issues.

One notable performance is ‘Raven’ by the Berlin-based trio Still Hungry, which humorously explores the trials of modern motherhood. Similarly, the Chicago group Aloft presents a family-friendly show with a distinct feminine essence, offering an innovative and enchanting circus experience.

Diana Rodrigues is another highlight, bringing her unique show Circ’OlĆ© to Schouwburgplein, accompanied by two energetic guitarists.

The festival’s highlight, the Circusstad Gala, will take place on May 3, blending traditional and contemporary circus arts. This event showcases contemporary circus talents in a one-night gala, featuring innovative and award-winning acts from top contemporary circus shows.

The Circusstad Festival’s central hub is Schouwburgplein, surrounded by key cultural venues. Additionally, events will occur at the Maritime Museum and Laurenskerk. The open layout of Schouwburgplein invites everyone to enjoy free activities, participate in circus workshops, or purchase tickets for various shows, fostering a community atmosphere and making circus arts accessible to all.

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