Cruise Ships – Life At Sea

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Cruise Ships – Life At Sea

My journey working on cruise ships started when I wanted to move to La Paz, near Los Cabos by the Sea of Cortez in Mexico. It was very uncertain how I could make a living there working in the arts, but I had heard that most musicians that lived in Los Cabos would work on cruise ships. Since then, I have done a number of contracts on ships. Why a number of contracts? When working on ships, typically you sign a new contract every time you board a ship for a number of months. Contracts range from three or four months (for more senior and management positions) to almost a year (usually for cast members). I have always been offered contracts for six months + three weeks. Most everyone I know is usually onboard for between five and nine months. Life on board varies depending on your position and your rank; nevertheless, there are common things to most of them. We all have safety and security duties beyond our regular jobs. Sea days are long for most everyo...
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