The Birth of the Boutique Festival--DeRitis Reports from the Jury of The Salieria Circus Awards in Italy

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The Birth of the Boutique Festival–DeRitis Reports from the Jury of The Salieri Circus Awards in Italy

The new Salieri Circus Award in Italy refreshes the concept of circus acts as competition,
elegantly challenging the notions of both the classic and the contemporary. A review and a few meditations on the state of the art. In circus, nothing seems less fluctuating than the conceptualization of genres and styles. The dilemma is even more engaging when following the eternal struggle of ancients-versus-moderns. So, in these sleepy times of forced hiatus, imagine how stimulating the promise of a marriage between classical music and contemporary circus might be. Such an idea, although regularly approached in a few circus productions (such as shows by Circa Company, Gandini or ultimately Cirkus Cirkor), has never been applied to the competition criteria of a festival befor...
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Raffaele De Ritis

Raffaele De Ritis, among the pioneers of circus creation by the late 1980s, wrote and directed shows for the world’s leading companies, including Disney, Cirque du Soleil, Dragone, Ringling bros., Big Apple Circus. Beside his main creative work, he directed major performing arts festivals and consulted for hundreds TV specials. As a recognized historian, he authored seminal books and papers in seven languages, teaching and lecturing worldwide. His book of circus history “Storia del Circo”, in Italian, is considered the most extensive reference text by most international historians. Raffaele is also one of the authors of Circopedia project. He is custodian of an extensive private circus collection, with pieces dating from XVth century, and seated in the Performing Arts Council of Italy’s Ministry of Culture.